Wood Fireplace Mantel

Why Wood Fireplace Mantel Is An Excellent Choice

Do you know that you can actually give life and character to your home by simply placing a wood fireplace mantel? Wood fireplace mantels have the ability to transform a rather dull and plain-looking living area into a homey and elegant one. A wooden fireplace mantel has no effort blending in any home type, may it be traditional, contemporary, minimalist, or ultra-modern. Because wood is easy to design according to requirements and specification, this material has become a favorite choice of homeowners and professional fireplace builders.

img: mantelcraft.com

img: mantelcraft.com

The fireplace is without a doubt the focal point of your home, and this is why accessories and accompaniments must be carefully chosen to not spoil the fireplace’s appeal. One of the add-ons to the fireplace is the fireplace mantel, also referred to as the mantelpiece.  Born during the medieval era, the mantelpiece’s primary purpose was to catch smoke. The changing times paved the way to the transformation of the appearance and revision of function of wood mantelpieces. Now in the modern times, mantelpieces not only serve as a chimney and smoke-catcher, it also works as an important accessory to the home. Modern-day wood fireplace mantels serve as a beautifying element that enhances the look, style and design of one’s home.


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Wood is arguably the most popular material when it comes to mantelpieces for valid reasons. For one, wood is easy to design. It takes less effort to carve, cut, paint and embellish a wood so it can easily adapt to the existing fireplace, furniture, display, and other home elements. The versatility of wood is another factor why it is an in-demand material for mantelpieces. From traditional homes to ultra-modern ones, wood material easily blends with any theme. Short to say, the physical appearance of the wood can easily be altered to compliment any home design.


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Because wood materials are easy to handle and manage, it becomes a great candidate for DIY projects. While there is nothing wrong with DIY, your mantelpiece deserves to be handled and installed by a professional. When you work with an expert on wood fireplace mantels, you come up with better decisions involving the mantelpiece’s design, color, and size. A professional on mantelpiece installation handles every step of the project with utmost care. From initial stages such as site preparation to finishing steps such as site cleanup, the expert is there to oversee the project, assuring you of a 100% satisfactory rate.

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The expert also knows where to go for affordable yet stylish accessories, resulting to a beautiful fireplace mantel that is within the working budget. Though the cost of the installation depends on a variety of factors, such as size, material, and type of the mantel, he works his best to achieve the look you have in mind without actually breaking the budget. If the mantelpiece is done in a professional manner, the output is no doubt impressive, something you will be very proud of.