Stone Fireplace Mantels

The Factors That Make Stone Fireplace Mantels In-demand

Originally, fireplaces were used as a heating element that gives warmth during the cold season. Additionally, homeowners used to get fire for cooking and other domestic uses from their fireplaces. Now in the present times, fireplaces serve as a decorative structure that add charm and character in one’s home. There are accessories added in fireplaces to make it more appealing and eye-catching, and among these is the fireplace mantel.

Cultured Stone Room Scene


Among all types of fireplace mantels, stone fireplace mantels have captured the attention of many homeowners. Stone mantelpieces add warmth and coziness to the fireplace which makes it the focal point of the home’s living area. Apart from the beauty it creates, stone mantelpieces are sought after because of different reasons such as the following:

– Cost: The cost of fire mantelpieces depends on the material used. Just like its wood counterpart, stone fireplace mantels are affordable and easy to the pocket. Stone mantelpiece makes an excellent alternative to granite and marble, two of the most expensive mantelpiece materials. Because stone mantelpieces are budget-friendly, homeowners prefer this over other materials.


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– Weight: Stone materials are not heavy, another factor why stone mantelpieces are preferred by many homeowners. If the homeowner is having a DIY fireplace mantel project, the stone’s lightweight feature makes it easy to carry, fix and install. Because stone mantelpieces have less weight, it does not take much effort to install and fix it to the fireplace.

– Durable: Just because stone material is lightweight, it does not mean that it is not durable. In fact, when it comes to mantelpieces, the stone is one that is very likely to last for years, even decades. It is certain that rock fireplace mantels last for a long time, which actually makes this material a perfect choice.


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– Variety:  Stone fireplace mantels come in a variety of colors, sizes, lengths, and styles. Homeowners looking for a stone mantelpiece are delighted to see the many choices offered to them, from the classic look to the ultra-modern ones. With a wide variety of choices, there is surely one that best suits the style of the home.

Cultured Stone Room Scene

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The above-mentioned factors make stone mantelpieces in-demand in the market today. Many contractors and homeowners are satisfied with the outcome of installing stone mantelpiece in their homes. The mantelpiece instantly breathes life to the living area, making the home more relaxed and welcoming. After a long day of work, the fireplace’s calming effect is what everybody needs. Being the focal point of the home, the fireplace must have an appeal that catches the eye.