Modern Fireplace Mantels

Modern Mantelpieces: The Features That Make Them The Favorite Choice

Many homes, resorts, and commercial establishments have modern fireplace mantels. Not only this home element provides warmth to one’s living space which adds coziness and a calming vibe, it also has an ability to turn the home into an attractive and welcoming one.

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Contemporary homes only deserve to have modern fireplace mantels for obvious reasons. Modern home displays and trendy furniture blend perfectly with the sleek and neat design of modern fireplaces, which makes this home element the perfect choice. If there is a modern-looking fireplace in one corner of the room, there will be no room for monotony in the home’s design.

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Just like any product for the home, the modern-day fireplace mantels have various designs and homeowners will never have a hard time looking for the one that fits their living space.  Modern fireplace mantels range from simple rock or brick design that comes with a glass mantel to tile material with wood accents. Creative and innovative designs are what modern fireplaces are all about, and every homeowner will be overwhelmed of the wide variety of choices readily available for them.

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There are many factors why modern mantelpieces are in-demand. Apart from it is suitable to the contemporary and fresh look of one’s home, this piece of home furnishing can also be the way to introduce new concepts. For instance, there are modern fireplaces that make use of unconventional colors, and when placed in the living area, instantly bring out a different kind of aura. Some modern fireplaces have out-of-the-box designs which fit the ultra-modern home.  The modern characteristics and features of the contemporary fireplace gives the home the kind of beauty not found anywhere else.

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Modern fireplace mantels have its own line-up of popular choices. Natural stone with solid colors is one of the designs that homeowners, interior designers, and contractors are fond of. What makes this style in-demand is the neatness and flawless pattern. Cast stone is another favorite because it allows designers to express their creativity and design by altering the color, size, and shape of the fireplace. Similarly, it is easy to customize modern fireplaces. The freedom to incorporate accents, such as wood, tile, marble and accessories add to the reasons why this is preferred by many. With so many options in store for homeowners and designers, modern fireplaces will never have a hard time choosing which piece perfectly suits their lifestyle and preference.

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Despite being modern, the charm of having a fireplace in the home definitely remains. Modernity and high-tech functions will not replace the old-fashioned charm the fireplace brings out, and in fact, it is still the reason why fireplaces are installed at home. The design, style, and size of fireplace mantel definitely evolved through the years, but the traditional charm and timeless glamour of fireplaces are still very much evident.