Marble Mantelpieces

Why Many Homeowners And Designers Still Go For Marble Mantelpieces

Nothing compares to the relaxed and calming vibe the fireplace provides, probably the reason why every house must have one. Not only it becomes the source of warmth during cold days, the fireplace, due to its attractive design, becomes the focal point of the living area as well. Even if not in use, this home element is useful due to the aesthetic appeal it adds to the home.


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Because the fireplace does not only serve as the home’s warmer but also as a decorative element, one must carefully choose a style and design that fits one’s home. One of the most in-demand is the marble fireplace mantel which bears a classic appeal despite the passing of time. May it be a modern or a traditional home, marble fireplace perfectly blends to any type of home.


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One of the features of marble fireplace mantels that make it preferred by designers and homeowners is the all-natural streak of colors courtesy of the vein patterns. Found within the marble itself, the visible veins make the fireplace mantel unique, as each pattern is distinct from one another. The colors of the vein patterns vary as well: gray, green, brown and black are only few of the streaks of colors embedded in the marble mantelpiece.

Marble fireplace mantels may not be one of the cheapest materials out there, but it is absolutely one of the strongest. Because it is from metamorphic form of limestone, no other material can match the durability of this mantelpiece. Marble is a genuine natural stone, a feature that makes the fireplace elegant. Without too much effort, the marble fireplace easily becomes the center of attraction of one’s home.


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Marble fireplace, without a doubt, will make the homeowner proud of the house he lives in. This classy and attractive piece does not only effectively serve its purpose; this home element also impresses guests coming over to visit the family. With all the marvelous effects the fireplace marble mantels do to the home, this certainly makes a very wise and excellent investment. Suffice it to say, hard-earned money will never put to waste, as marble mantelpieces are guaranteed to last for a very long time.


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What makes marble mantelpiece an ideal home element is its low maintenance. Being a genuine natural rock, there is no complicated procedures to make it neat. What it needs is just a dry or damp cloth to take off the dust that it has accumulated, if there’s any. Not only it is easy to maintain, the homeowner is absolutely spared from shelling-out repair costs, as marbles are very unlikely to encounter damage. There is also a variety of colors, or streaks of colors, to choose from, and there will be no hard time choosing which one best suits the home.