Gas Fireplace Mantels

The Benefits And Advantages of Having Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces effortlessly make the room cozy, warm and welcoming, the very reason why they have become a favorite home element of homeowners. There are different types of fireplaces and mantels, all with advantages and benefit uniquely their own. One of them, the gas fireplace mantel, is favored by many because of various reasons. In fact, more and more homeowners are converting their wood fireplaces to gas fireplaces for them to enjoy its distinct features.


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Gas fireplace is for people who want to instantly feel the warmth and calming vibe fireplace exudes when they come home after a long and tiring day. Unlike fireplaces that require wood to produce fire and heat, what has to be done to the gas fireplace is to just press the button, and the warmth is instantly there. What is great about this is that, despite being gas-operated, the fireplace still has this natural effect homeowners enjoy. Gas fireplace mantels give the same effect of a traditional fireplace, without actually requiring wood to function.


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Another unmatched feature this type of fireplace is proud of is the natural gas it uses. Homeowners never have to think about pollution or hazardous elements, and other environmental issues when using gas fireplace mantels, as there is nothing like that to worry about. Because it is not even hazardous to one’s health, even rooms where homeowners sleep, rest, or spend most of their time are installed with gas fireplaces. This proves that despite the use of gas, people can actually be around the fireplace without having to worry about its effect to their health.

Because gas fireplace is not like the traditional fireplace, there are no hassles in cleaning ash, soot, and burned logs. Further, the home is spared from smelling like smoke, which can really be hard to get rid off when using traditional fireplace.


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What many homeowners like about gas fireplace mantels is the no-electricity function. Because this type of fireplace does not need electricity to start working, it still can operate shall there be a power trouble. And since this does not need electricity to function, homeowners do not have to think of added cost on their electricity bill. Gas fireplace has a pilot light, just like what stoves have, which is used to operate it.


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Some homeowners consider their gas fireplace as their main source of heat. As a heating unit, the gas fireplace must have inserts and metal grille. Also, there should be a thermostat connected to the gas fireplace if this home element is being used as the main source of heat.

Gas fireplace mantels vary in design, size and structure, and with many options available, homeowners will never have a hard time finding the right one that best suits their living space. Though easy to install, it is best that gas fireplace mantels be installed professionally by an expert or by someone who is experienced in mantelpiece installment.