Fireplace Mantels And Surrounds

How to Decorate Fireplace Mantels And Surrounds

The beauty of fireplace mantel is something that always gets attention. Though fireplace still functions as a warm-giver most especially on cold days, the evolving looks and changing appeal of fireplaces make its purpose different in the present times. Now, the modern fireplace is an important home element when it comes to décor and style which definitely gives out charm and appeal in your home.



The coziness and calming effect of the fireplace welcome you after a long, stressful and demanding day. Nothing beats coming home to a place that is relaxing, thanks to the warmth of the fireplace. But what makes it even more soothing is the unmatched design of fireplace mantels and surrounds. The well-decorated mantelpiece surrounds become the focal point of your home, the one that captivates the eye, the mind and the soul.


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To bring out the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace, the fireplace mantels and surrounds must be properly and creatively decorated. But how do you exactly do that? If decorating fireplace mantels and surrounds sounds challenging to you, here are some useful tips that can help you through, for a fast and hassle-free fireplace styling and decorating:


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– When decorating the wall of the fireplace, make sure that the size of the wall décor is about 2/3 of the size of the mantelpiece. The key is to have a big decoration that seamlessly blends with the size of the mantelpiece, such as a big framed painting, rustic vintage board, four-season frames, and the like. If you cannot find something that is close to the size of the mantelpiece, you can create a collage out of small frames and place it in the wall above the fireplace mantels and surrounds.

– Putting a mirror in the wall above the fireplace mantels and surrounds is one among the favorite styling methods of interior designers and homeowners. A large-framed mirror placed above the fireplace is a tried-and-proven technique of bringing out the charm and appeal of the home. The large mirror even gives an illusion of a large space, not to mention that it contributes to the relaxing and calming effect the fireplace brings.

Mantels and Surrounds

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– If yours is a vintage or antique fireplace mantel, what looks good on it are sculptured and detailed pieces. There is nothing wrong in placing photo frames and candle holders, but too much of it does not give justice to the uniqueness and vintage-look of the fireplace. By adding sculptured pieces, perfect balance, or contrast, is achieved, making the fireplace an interesting spot of your home.

– The saying “less is more” is not only exclusive to fashion and dressing up—it also applies to styling and decorating the home. If the fireplace mantels and surrounds are already attention-catching due to its intricate design, unique details, perfect craftsmanship, and everything else that makes it a beauty, then decorating is not needed at all—just let the own beauty of the fireplace mantel float.