Electric Fireplace Mantels

Why Electric Fireplace Mantel Is The Better Choice

If you have been contemplating on putting a fireplace on your home, do not think twice. The fireplace, may it be of elaborate design or a minimal appearance, has that undeniable appeal that catches attention, making it the focal point of your home. As your home’s centerpiece, and as an element that instantly gets attention when you enter the living area, the fireplace becomes an integral part of your home.

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img: backyardchickens.com

Among the many types of fireplace mantels in the market, one of the sought after models is the electric fireplace mantels. Apart from good looks and convenience, the following factors make electric fireplace mantels in-demand among interior designers, contractors, and homeowners:


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Smokeless: Electric mantelpieces do not emit smoke not like the conventional types. If you are health conscious, having an electric mantelpiece is the best way to go. Since it won’t emit smoke, family members and pets do not inhale fume which is hazardous to health.

Odorless: Using wood to produce fire and heat is the traditional way of enjoying warmth during the cold days. However, the smell of the smoke stays on the cushion of your chairs, the fabrics of your curtains, and even on the clothes you wear. This is not the case with electric fireplace mantels. The warmth you need is definitely there, sans the nasty smell of smoke.

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No mess: Traditional fireplaces require you to clean the ashes after you have used them. Not only it is a challenge to clean a fireplace, getting rid of all the soot and ash is time-consuming as well. By choosing electric mantelpieces, you get benefit from the warmth and heat it produces without having to worry of the hassles of cleaning-up ash and soot.

Versatile: Electric fireplace mantels do not require a chimney. Therefore, you can have fireplace in any room of your home, not just the living area. If you want it in your master’s bedroom, guestroom or in the entertainment room, you can definitely have it.


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Ease of installation: Setting up electric fireplace mantels does not require an expert to install it. Because this type of mantelpiece is designed for a hassle-free installation, all you have to do is fix it in your chosen spot, plug it in the outlet, and enjoy the warm and cozy atmosphere it creates.

Safe: If safety is the concern, electric mantels would be a better choice than its conventional counterpart, because it does not operate like the traditional ones that require real fire to produce heat. Electric mantels also have a timer, so it shuts down or turns off by itself according to the time you set it to stop operating.


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Variety: When it comes to style, made and design of electric fireplace, you will be delighted of the numerous choices it has for you. From the most minimal to the most elaborate, from the petite to the biggest, from light-colored to dark ones, there is surely one that fits your preference.