Different Materials Used In Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace mantels are designed to catch the smoke coming from the fireplace. Originated during the medieval times, this mantelpiece has become an important home element, as apart from its purpose, it adds beauty and aesthetic appeal to the house. As a decorative piece, fireplace mantels come in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes, giving homeowners a wide range of options to choose from. Being a major accessory and decorative element, careful choosing must be done before installing one.


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Fireplace mantels are made of different materials, making it easy to find the one that best suits the theme and the design of the home. Among the materials used, a mantelpiece made of natural wood emerges as the popular choice among homeowners. The classic and timeless appeal of natural wood makes it a favorite choice, apart from the fact that wood mantelpiece is relatively low in price. Wood mantels can easily adapt to any home style, may it be traditional, modern or in between.


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Wooden mantelpieces are always favored because of its versatility. Wood materials can easily be painted or stained, which instantly achieves the kind of look the homeowner desires. The fact that wood can be painted and repainted anytime is definitely an advantage. This permits the homeowner to alter the look of the mantelpiece anytime he wants, matching the look of his fireplace to the changing season. Another advantage of wooden mantelpiece is its easy installation. Because it does not require an expert to install the mantelpiece, the homeowner gets to save from labor cost or installation fee.


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Apart from natural wood, fireplace mantels also come in gypsum and cast stones. Though more expensive compared to its wood counterpart, this kind of mantelpiece is more durable and has the ability to last for years, even decades. The kinds of stones mostly used in a fireplace mantel include limestone and sandstones. Marble, another material used in mantelpieces, is arguably the most expensive of all. The high price is not only dictated by the nature of its material– labor, skill, and expertise required in creating a marble fireplace mantel are also factors why this type of mantelpiece is expensive. Another common material used in mantelpieces is steel, which is also a great option because of its durability.


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The material of the fireplace mantel would actually depend on how the homeowner wants his fireplace to look like. For a rustic and seasoned look, a mantelpiece made of wood is the best choice. Wood is always associated with traditional design, which perfectly fits the old-fashioned, rustic appeal of the home. For homes with a contemporary theme, steel type fireplace mantel is the popular choice. Steel has a sleek, fine look which perfectly matches the minimalist style of modern homes. For French, Victorian, or medieval theme, what looks best are hand-crafted ceramic mantelpieces. Meanwhile, there are many styling options available to spice-up the look of fireplace mantels. Nowadays, there are embellishments that can be put to the existing mantel, coming up with a mantelpiece that looks fresh, updated and in-style.